• Photo of Grant Horrocks and Stevie Wonder?
  • Photo of Grant Horrocks with The Siligo's and student
  • Photo of Dawn Gross with a parent couple
  • Photo of Parent Forum at a sunday brunch
  • Photo of Judi Biller with Laura Shaw and girls

CTEBVI Logo Videos

We hope you enjoy these videos related to braille, braille devices, and the visually impaired. If you have a video that you would like posted here please email it to ctebvi@aol.com for review. It should be informative to our membership relating to the visually impaired, parents of VI children, teachers of the visually impaired, or braille transcribers. Also if you are interested in the latest iPhone APPs please click here.

BrailleTouch Demo by Georgia Tech:

Touchscreen braille writer, Stanford University:

Perkins Institute:

Tap Tap See - Application for the iPhone
Magic Touch - The Louis Braille Story