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The Call for Workshops for our 61st Annual Conference is posted here.


Below are links to all the workshop materials that are available from our 58th Annual CTEBVI Conference - March 9-12, 2017. Once we receive all the workshops they will be loaded here.

This is only a small list of workshops available now. Once we have all the workshops posted that will be available the Title and Presenter will be marked.

Not all of the workshops have materials available due to proprietary issues. Each workshop is in a folder so you can see all the materials available, per workshop, at once. Only those that are linked have a workshop available at this time.

Workshop #
101   Touch of Tactile - Beyond the Walls Delores Billman/Randy Davis
102   Large Print Support Group Joan Treptow
103   Alternate Format for STEM Paul Nguyen/Kyle Logsdon/Mason Chow
104   An Overview of the Dynamics of O&M for the VI Teacher Ralph Cioffi/Lisa Okikawa
105   Empowering Ed Expectations: Perspectives of VI Students Kwong/Arcos/Thomas/Vang/Aguilera
106   Implementing a Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy for American Indian VI Student Garrison Tsinajinie
107   Using DBT to Convert Braille Math to Printed Math Caryn Navy
108   Para-what? The Changing Roles of Paraeducators... Patricia Camarillo
109   What the What? And How to Use it? Adrian Amandi/Vanessa Herndon/Cindy Green/Tina Michaud
110   CDE/CSMT--Your Resource for K-8 Instructional Materials for VI Students Laurie Garcia/Cyndi Hammonds
111   A New Paradigm in Notetakers: The Newly Leveled Playing Field!
Dave Wilkinson
201   The Game Plan:..Reference Notes- Beyond the Walls Tammy Nixon/Randy Davis
202   UEB Potpourri Cindi Laurent
203   The Use of 3D Printing in Teaching Science and Mathematics Concepts ... Michael Cheverie
204   ACCESS from Out of Left Field Jonn Paris-Salb
205   An iPad App and Graphics that Build Math Word Problem Solving Skills L. Penny Rosenblum
206   Frustrated with Progress? Psych and Language Skills to the Rescue! M Green/B Henry/T Solomon
207   "Looking at the World through Rose Colored Glasses": Positive Attitude Julie Maier
208   Running a VI Program on a Shoestring Budget! Ann Hinshelwood/Cheryl Hewlett
209   Your Student Needs Assistive Tech: You Need a Plan! Joe Vona/Adrian Amandi
210   Go Read! -Reading Books with Your BrailleNote Touch Kevin Hughes/Jerry Kuns
211   Where the Heck is the Screen: a VI Guide to the New HIMS Notetaker Dave Wilkinson/Bob Sweetman
301-401   Restoring a Gunky Perkins Brailler Chester Goodale/Justin Adams
302   DBT & Microsoft Word Efficiency Neal Kuniansky
303   Diacritics and Braille Formats Cindi Laurent
304   Virtual Audio Learning with Audiojack David Tobin
305   What's in my Technology Toolbox: A Day in Life of a Braille Student Taylor Cox/Jamie Murdy/Ting Siu
306   The Digital Workflow, Part 1: Tools - How it Fits Teachers'/Students' Toolkit Ting Sui
307   Looking Forward and Looking Back at How ECC Levels the Field Sally Garlick
308   Traveling More Independently Using iPhone Apps Mike May
309   Help Wanted: Seeking VI Teachers Sheryl Schmidt
310   Get w/t Times; Addition, Subtraction, Division Michael Parker/Adrian Amandi
311   Touching Your Text - Print to Braille w/BrailleNote Touch KNFB Reader App Kevin Hughes/Jerry Kuns
312   Department of Rehab/Blind Field Svc. and the Orientation Center f/t Blind Leetz/Groves/Lelbath/Kim
402   Introduction to DBT for MAC Neal Kuniansky
403   Nemeth Code w/in UEB Contexts - Beyond the Walls Charles Mize
404   Transitioning to Community College Gaeir Dietrich
405   UEB FAZs for TVIs Lisa Okikawa/Lupe Arellano/Sue Reilly
406   The Digital Workflow, Part 2: Tools - How it Fits Teachers'/Students Toolkit Jessica McDowell
407   Cerebral VI: How Do We Transform What We Know into Effective Programs... Amanda Lueck
408   How Can a 3D Printer Help Visually Impaired Students Neal McKenzie/Leslie Edmonds
409   Emerging Accessible Indoor Navigation Technologies Mike May
  New and Innovative Electronic Devices Can Help Low Vision Students Remy Long/Edward Long
411   Conversation, Connection, & Outreach Y Vu/S Sacks/S Herlich/ A Amandi
501   ...MS Word and the Tiger Embosser Jon Crawley
502   From Book to Computer: Scanning and OCR Gaeir Dietrich
503   Duxbury for your Braille-Using Students Jen Goulden
504   Technology for Students with Multiple Disabilities Ting Siu
505   Supporting Braille Instruction through Play: Concept Dev to UEB Stephanie Herlich/Helene Holman
506   JAWS for the Classroom Bob Sweetman/Sue Sweetman
507   New Technology for High-Volume Braille Production Niels van Weele
508   Laptop, Screen Reader, Brl display, Embosser, Brl Note-taker, is that it? Adrian Amandi/Greg Stilson
509   They Have a Job! How Did They Do That? Anne Ward
510   Soft Skills: The Ticket to Employability Faith Dunham-Sims
511   It's My Life: Self-Determination and Social Skills Are Essential L. Penny Rosenblum
601   Using Braille2000: All "How To" Questions Answered and Explained Bob Stepp
602   Step Up Your Game with Drawings Utilizing MS Word f/t Tiger Embosser Jon Crawley
603   Begin at the Beginning Cindi Laurent
604   Comprehensive Sexuality Education in CA for Grades 7 and Up: It's Now Law Maurice Belote
605   How Assistive Technology Empowers Me: Student Panel Joe Vona/Veronica Gunn
606   Keys to Succes for Students with Low Vision Bill Takashita
607   Teaching Computer Programming to Students with Blindness or VI Radhika Grover/Komal Shiroe
608   BrailleNote Touch in the Classroom Bob Swetman/Sue Sweetman
609   Talking to Our Children About Their Vision: How, Where and When Judith Lesner/P Lesner-Buxton/ Philips/Philips
610   Geting & Staying in Shape; A Teen's Guide to Exercise Rio Popper/Adrian Amandi
611   Ideas for Families & Teachers of Young Children for Braille Engagement L. Penny Rosenblum
612   Taking Risks, Staying Safe Betty Henry/Maureen Green
801   Using Braille2000: Importing Source Files, Tips and Tricks Bob Stepp
802   Using DBT to Produce UEB Math Caryn Navy
803&903   Do More with BrailleBlaster: The Transcription Software from APH William Freeman/Jayma Hawkins
804&904   Meet me at the Intersection Nicole Harris
805   Managing the Google Classroom Efficiently with the BrailleNote Touch Greg Stilson/Yurika Vu
806   MS Office: Create PowerPoint and Excel Easily with JAWS/NVDA Arif Syed/Rachel Feinberg
807   Incorporating Use of Ultra Portable & Wearable, LV Tech in the Classroom Cory Hanosh
808   Eat Your Frog Ramona Mclaughlin
809   Independence: Sort of... Gabrielle Cohen/Stephanie Herlich
810   Sex-Positivity: What You Should Know Laura Millar
811   First Jobs - The Role of Enchanted Hills Camp Tony Floetcher/Debbie Bacon
812   Parent-Child Playgroups to Train/Support/Build Connections Julie Maier
901   The Language of Lines: The Design and Use of Tactile Graphics BJ Epstein/Greg Kehret
902   Using DBT to Produce Braille Math As Nemeth Code in UEB Context Caryn Navy
905   The Future of Electronic Brl Math - BrailleNote Touch in Math Classroom Greg Stilson/Stephanie Herlich
906   Fast, Easy Reading Solutions for People with Print Disabilities Christine Jones
907   Self-Advocacy Instruction: Why It Is Important Justin Steinberg
908   Excellence, Entertainment, and Employment: Lighthouse Programs Richie Flores/James Gump
911   Mentor Connections & Career Exploration: Hands on approach Richard Rueda/Greg DeWall
Forum   Wrap Up Forum: The Balls's in Your Court Jonn Paris-Salb/Mary Nelle McLennan
Youth   Youth Institute Information Jonn Paris-Salb

Below are materials from various workshops dating back to 2010. Please feel free to copy them. We ask that you give recognition to the Presenter who submitted the material.